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Defeat dysfunction with tools and training

NXTBoard’s end-to-end solutions give boards the tools and training they need to move beyond board management and transform the way they work.

  • Increase board members’ knowledge of their roles and responsibilities so they can do their jobs to the best of their ability.
  • Provide the board with a simple and clearly organized platform to establish board processes to move meetings quickly and monitor progress effectively.
  • Simplify the coordination of board meetings with a centralized calendar that can sync to the calendars of individual board members.
  • Make board meetings more efficient and effective by getting all your board members on the same page before they arrive with annotatable, hosted board packets that save time and money.
  • Fast-track the process of onboarding new members by centralizing current and historical content and making it accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • Empower boards to manage conflict through better collaboration.

The latest from NXTHub

Donna ISD worked with NXTBoard to support the district's Lone Star Governance initiative, keep everyone on track and create a laser focus on improving student outcomes.

What are student outcomes, why should school boards be focused on them and why do they matter to you? Find out in this video that we created in partnership with Leadership ISD.

Whether your organization is a nonprofit, government body, large corporation or startup, the board faces similar challenges when it comes to making meetings matter.


Move beyond board management

Say goodbye to dysfunction and give your board the freedom to focus on making a difference
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