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Student Outcome Goals

HB3's new Proficiency Plans sections, sec. 11.185 and 11.186, require two five-year Proficiency Plans. They must be established by the board with specific annual target measures to achieve mathematics, early childhood literacy, career, military, and college readiness goals. Their monitoring, reporting, and public communication, as well as breakdown by factors like ethnicity and campus, are all in House Bill 3. 

At a glance: You can be compliant in just a few weeks. Our TX governance coaches, Marcia and Laurie, already helped ISDs across Texas to create, document, maintain, monitor, and report on their student outcome goals. We even built a format for efficiently tracking, graphing, and reporting progress internally and to the public.

  • Our team takes you from  juggling spreadsheets to compliant in a blink.
  • An HB3 template is built into our software to support your effortless monitoring and reporting of these goals as required by law.

Most districts already have all the pieces of the puzzle. We just need to put them together in an HB3 sort of way.

We’re going to take the pieces, put them together. When everyone can see the student outcomes puzzle built, magic will happen: student achievement, alignment to the community’s vision and values, and fulfillment of the law will be yours.

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Meet the Team

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Dr. Marcia McMahon, Governance Expert/Coach

Before becoming a full-time governance coach in education, Marcia has served as assistant superintendent, service center specialist, central office staff, principal, and teacher. Student outcomes are her life.

Marcia is a certified Lone Star Governance coach and monitor for the Texas Education Authority. She supports school boards in improving their practice to focus on what matters most: student outcomes.

During her career, Marcia has been instrumental in the design, training, and implementation of school board and organizational leadership to promote adult behaviors that influence student outcomes. 

Laurie Elliott, Governance Expert/Coach

For nearly a decade Laurie has worked directly with leadership and school boards to promote positive change for increasing student outcomes. She is a certified Lone Star Governance coach and monitor for the Texas Education Agency and has held numerous positions in the field of education including as a teacher, counselor, and principal.

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Proficiency Plans Governance Packages for Texas School Districts

We've prepared three packages for you to get you on track. Each package covers the superintendent, secretary, and entire board.

Create Proficiency Plans – $7,500

Our team will equip your board with:

  1. Action Plan – Agendas and meeting schedule to get the board to set the initial Proficiency Plans.
  2. Education – Three online webinars identifying exactly what kind of goals and goal progress measures are needed, plus answering any questions. 
  3. Software – One-year license of the NXTBoard Platform to track all goals for both required Proficiency Plans, and break them down by campus, ethnic factors, language, etc. We will train your administrator to use this tool.

Ongoing Coaching and Support – $15,000/yr

Includes everything from "Create Proficiency Plans." In addition, we will have coaching calls and regular meetings with your team to guide the board in its governing of the Proficiency Plans over time.
  1. Create Proficiency Plans – Includes everything in the first package on the left.
  2. In-Person Workshop – Our coaches will facilitate a workshop with your board members, guiding them to select and set effective goals that match stakeholder perspectives, are realistic for the district, and have enough specificity to improve student outcomes.
  3. Coaching Calls – Ongoing support, up to 4 hours a month.

Our software is already being used across Texas ISDs to manage similar plans, goal tracking, goal progress measures, and reporting.

All prices go up after September 1, 2019. You must sign up before then to lock in these prices.

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Student Outcomes and You Video

Last year we made a video on student outcomes work in Dallas. It's a great education piece on what this is all about. 


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