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NXTBoard combines your long-term plans with the incremental steps you take to get there.


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Rally around what matters most with Goals

Track and Manage Your Goals 
Manage one or multiple plans and track them all in one place.

Commit to Monitor Your Goals
Add dates to check on your goal progress and see it in one easy view.

Visualize Your Goal Progress
Automatic graphs and reports are generated to see your progress.


Divide and Conquer with Committees

Committees = Teams
Create custom groups to manage committees, advisory, council or special ad-hoc teams.

Customize your team structure
Add custom committee roles/positions and term dates for each committee member.

Assign tasks, meetings, files, and more
Keep groups focused on their own work.

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Meet on What Matters Most in Meetings

All your meetings in one place
Keep track of all your meetings and sync your personal calendar so you're always up to date.

Create a packet with all your documents
Meeting Packet allows you to attach files to your agenda then build a single PDF for your board to review.

Motions, Voting, Attendance, and Templates
Make minute taking easier with quick actions and automatic saving.


Your new secure file location, Drive

All your files in one place with unlimited storage
Integrate with Google, Dropbox, OneDrive and more to make uploading seamless.

Share your files with ease
Choose who has view or edit access to files. 

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Keep your board on track with Tasks

Create Tasks for Anything
Use tasks to delegate work or keep reminders on upcoming work.

Add Priority, Status, Assignments and Due Date
All task assignees receive email notifications when a task is updated.



You are never lost with our Monitoring Schedule


All your progress check-ins in one single view
See when your upcoming goals or objectives need to be updated or discussed for your next meeting.


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NXTBoard Policy Library (BETA)

Keep your board work aligned with policy governance and management. Create policies, monitor and share them with the public.


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