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ASCD Conference on Educational Leadership

Nov 2, 2018 –
Nashville, TN
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 |  Nashville, TN

NXTBoard will be hosting a lunch & learn session on Friday, November 2 in Jackson D at the Convention Center.

From Management to Governance: Changing the Mindset of the Board

Governance and management are not the same. Good-governance practices support the community’s vision and mission and are focused on student outcomes. To impact outcomes, boards need to set, track and measure goals within a governance framework. This session will help participants understand what governance is and why implementation matters.

Key takeaways:

  • Why school systems and school boards exist.
  • Three board behaviors that research has proven to impact student outcomes.
  • What student outcome goals are and how you can monitor progress toward those goals.
  • Why implementation matters and what tools are needed to implement a good-governance model.

Participants will be presented with a framework for good governance and, in groups, work through a series of interactive exercises led by the presenters that will help them understand why boards need to change their mindset from management to governance. 

The lunch & learn session is limited to 25 places. To reserve your spot, complete the form.