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Master the 2019 Texas legislation for schools

Texas is passing landmark legislation on education. It's being closely watched by states around the country, even as the national governors association lasers in on education and governance process. 

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How to get to Student Outcome Goals

Student outcome goals are a methodology, not something with which you merely comply. 


So what does this bill mean for you, as a Texas School District? There are three big asks.
  1. Create three Student Outcome Goals, including a child literacy goal. To work, these goals will need hard numbers. You should use SMART goal format: get current result X to new result Y by date Z. 
  2. Monitor those goals according to milestones. Ideally you want automatic graphs and an easy way to attach evidence over time.
  3. Report progress. The format should minimize rework and burdens on staff. There's a format already being used by many Texas ISDs for this exact reporting.


Here's How to Do It


We want to get you on track to compliance, which ultimately means students benefit too.


We have three team members at NXTBoard that are experts at leading this exact policy implementation at Texas schools: a former superintendent, former principal, and a policy governance expert who is also a school board member.  

Speak to Marcia or Laurie for see if this is right for you – click this for a call

We know that Superintendents and Board Members around TX are wondering what this legislation means and what it will really take. We've had several meetings with the bill's author and TEA officials and have a clear path to direct you upon. Please reach out!
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