At NXTBoard we believe that board governance facilitates sustainable momentum that outlasts its leaders.

Go beyond managing your board from meeting to meeting and align your board around goals.



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Create Goals and Policies that line up to what matters most to you and align your board to those goals.


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Use Meetings to plan, problem solve, and make decisions. Then delegate work to Committees.


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Our Monitoring Schedule, Calendar, and Tasks help you stay on track to meet your goals.


Our Customers Aligning Their Goals and Organizations to Increase Student Outcomes



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We ❤️ Our Customers and They Love Us Back


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Make Governance a Breeze With Our Features


Goals and Strategy


NXTBoard connects the steps between your meetings and goals. When your board is aligned on it's goals, all your other work falls into place. NXTBoard is optimized for S.M.A.R.T. goal tracking, widely proven to be one of the most successful tracking models.



Committees help governing boards stay aligned in an increasing complex world. Finance, Audit, Governance, Executive and any other committee can have their own files and meetings in NXTBoard.



Meetings are the critical check-ins with your organization on how you're progressing to meet your goals. Customize your own Cover Page, Notice, Agenda, Minutes, and Meeting Packet in one place. No downloading or exporting templates.

Monitoring Schedule


Planning and strategy requires you to keep track of a multitude of dates to check in on progress. We put everything in one easy view so you don't have to maintain multiple spreadsheets to stay on track.

Policies (BETA)


Policies and Governance go hand in hand. Create and manage all of your policies in NXTBoard so you can keep your board informed on what's changed and always stay up to date. Add monitoring and revision dates to your policy that remind you when they're up for review.

Files, Tasks, and More


With unlimited storage, you can keep all your current and historical documents in one secure place for your board to access. Set custom permissions to your files so only the right people can see them.

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